A Boost to 5G with New Government Reforms and Telecom Software Solutions

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3 min readFeb 3, 2022

If we look at the Economic Survey of India 2022, the government wants to boost 4G proliferation and infuse more liquidity in the telecommunication sector. They also seem to create an enabling ecosystem for investments in 5G networks.

The next day, at the budget session, the Finance Minister stated that the government will sell telecom spectrum in 2022 to facilitate companies to bring out 5G services by March 2023. It indicates significant disruption across the entire technological ecosystem, not just in telecommunications.

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How the Telecom Industry Helped the Country Fight the Ill-Effects of the Pandemic?

The government of India recognizes and appreciates the role of the telecom vertical in providing advanced communication capabilities for spreading awareness, continuing schooling, and working from home during the lockdowns.

If not for the telecommunication services (including the high-speed internet), we would have been at a complete halt at the economic and education front. People would not have been able to consult doctors on telemedicine mobile applications, touchless transactions would not have been possible, and we would have suffered much worse on the economic and humanitarian front.

The high dependency on telecom for personal and professional communication resulted in a surge in data usage by seven times from 2017–18 to 2021–22.

As per the economic survey, the telecom vertical is one of the most significant enablers in social and economic development. Its relevance has increased immensely recently.

Last year, the government of India also eased the compliance for voice-based BPOs and their subcontracting. It will encourage entrepreneurs in the customer service industry. That would mean a rise in the demand for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions that help companies do international voice calling in a secure and cost-efficient manner.

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Software Solutions for Telecom by Advantal Technologies

The new reforms aim at facilitating better broadband and telecom connectivity proliferation and penetration to improve online education, remote working, and social interactions. It will also help with better revenues of call centers.

VoIP would not be the sole data and communication tool that enterprises will need. They will require a suite of software solutions to conduct their operations, comply with regulatory obligations, and manage their information smoothly and securely.

Advantal Technologies offers cutting-edge telecom software solutions like Over The Air (OTA) SIM Card Management Tool, Short Messaging Service Center (SMSC), Remote Authentication Dial-in User (RADIUS) Service, and more.

We have years of expertise developing trailblazing and future-ready data and communication solutions. Our tools will help you comply with the data policies and give you better control over the waves of information flowing in and out of your organization.
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