How Can Enterprise Mobile App Development Boost Your Business Efficiency

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4 min readMar 4, 2022

In business, time is money. One way to save time is to improve the efficiency of business operations and processes to boost productivity. It also results in happy employees, satisfied clients, and increased profits. That’s why businesses should hire enterprise mobile application development services to help their business grow.

Usually, organizations search for the best offshore application development company to help them create enterprise solutions. They can create mobile app solutions for businesses for more efficient collaborations, data sharing, productivity monitoring, and similar day-to-day operations and processes.

The goal of an enterprise app for smartphones is to automate mundane tasks and make business operations streamlined and painless. They help the company take the first step towards a digital transformation.

According to studies by Harvard Business Review, enterprise apps can increase work productivity by up to 40%. Through this write-up, we’ll elaborate on how enterprise mobile application development can help your business become more efficient.

First, let’s understand the definition of enterprise applications.

As stated earlier, an enterprise smartphone solution or app helps a business save time and become more efficient. However, there is more to the picture.

Enterprise mobile application development aims at building business solutions for speed. At the same time, they should be scalable and user-friendly so that they can solve business problems rather than create new hurdles for the staff.

There are six key areas where enterprise mobile apps benefit a business.

Faster Data Sharing

Enterprise apps, like ShieldCrypt, make information sharing a breeze. Such solutions offer proper secure protocol, encryption, and role-based access to ensure total data security. According to their job requirements, an employee can access updated information and communication through these mobile applications. They get notified on their smartphones so that they can give timely responses and take desirable actions.

Eliminate Tedious Paperwork

Enterprise solutions can process data, analyze it, and let the authorized staff modify and update it in real-time. They don’t have to email the documents after every update. The stakeholders can access the information through their credentials anytime from their phones. It reduces the amount of paperwork and manual efforts, and the staff can focus on innovations and improvements in business processes.

Mobile Device Management & Productivity Monitoring

An experienced mobile application development company can help you develop mobile device management (MDM) or employee productivity monitoring solution. It automates the work reporting, work-related phone device security monitoring, installation and deletion of various mobile apps, and other such functions that help your employees work smoothly and securely. Such software also takes away the worries of the IT security team about the data and device security when your employees are working remotely.

Automated Onboarding

In organizations with a large employee size, the job of HR teams is very hectic. If a few tasks get automated, it improves their efficiency towards other critical areas like employee engagement, which are incremental for the organization’s overall growth and efficiency. For example, if your HR teams get an enterprise app that automates the onboarding process for new joiners, they can focus on creating and monitoring induction sessions so that the new talents can feel at home and enhance employee retention.

Streamline Supply Chain

Companies can leverage enterprise software solutions for mobile phones for a well-coordinated and cost-optimized supply chain operation. Through cutting-edge mobile apps, they can plan, deliver and manage consignments. They can also monitor transportation and find the most time and cost-efficient ways of management.

Customized Approach

Based on your working model, custom enterprise mobile application development can help you solve business problems specific to your company. For example, you can update an instruction, say on a project management software tool, while commuting. And, you can save the focused working hours in the office for more productive and critical duties planning & analysis or client coordination.

Let’s have a look at another example. If you’ve included a business communication tool, such as for a real estate project, you can just leave a text update on the app, and all stakeholders will be notified in real-time.

Enterprise applications can certainly bring digital transformation to your internal business operations. However, unless a few key concerns are addressed, its implementation may not be particularly productive.

Enterprise App End Users — Your Employees & Clients

When you go for custom mobile app development for your customers, you ensure user-friendly designs and intuitiveness. You must look for the same qualities in the business apps whose end users are your staff, clients, vendors, etc.

To start, determine your staff’s digital skills and needs before investing in enterprise app development. The objective is to make their life easier and increase their productivity, so choose the solution that will work best for them.

Application Security

When you contact the mobile application development company, ask them about the security measures they have in their software solution.

Your enterprise mobile solution contains confidential data related to the business and the employees. It shouldn’t get compromised. Therefore, integrate features that would protect the privacy and security of the application. For instance, end-to-end encryption in enterprise communication solutions is a must practice.

Third-party Integration Capability

For operational efficiencies, the business mobile application should have the ability to integrate with third-party applications such as Oracle, SAP, and others.

Choosing the right team for enterprise mobile application development is the most essential aspect to consider when deciding on a digital solution for business.

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