How Software Quality Assurance and Testing Gets More Exciting in 2022?

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3 min readJan 18, 2022
Software Quality Assurance and Testing Gets More Exciting in 2022

The future of software testing is about deep thoughts and explorations. The software quality assurance and testing experts will need to evolve their methods as the physical and digital worlds interconnect.

Let’s explore the trends we can see emerging in Software Testing.

Software Quality Assurance in the World of Frontier Technologies

In traditional software testing, the QA teams knew the expectations from software to set the appropriate parameters on which they needed to do the testing. However, in a world where technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) will become omnipresent in almost every piece of software, the expectations will not be well known for the QA and testing teams.

Also, it will be difficult for them to anticipate how the software will behave in varying environments. Testers will have to dig deep and be incredibly creative while anticipating scenarios in which the software systems have to perform.

Hence, software testers have a jarring task to upgrade themselves to match the speed of software product development evolution. They need to keep their technical and conceptual knowledge strong about the emerging frontier technologies.

For instance, testing teams will require more knowledge of data and analytics. They will need to upskill the teammates in deep learning and data science, learn automated testing, and learn new skills, like user experience, testing by understanding human psychology. They must also learn how end-users engage with technology and software and the challenges they face with them.

Software Quality Assurance and Testing Evolution with Agile Adoption

With the widespread application of the agile practices of software development, software testing and quality assurance approaches have evolved a lot in the past few years. Continuous integration and deployment allow teams to work at tremendous speed. They now require testers to “shift left” and start testing much earlier in the software development life cycle.

Continuous software delivery is a crucial work principle for agile software development teams. They also have to modernize the existing software products as per the changing needs of the customers and the evolving digital environments. Therefore, software quality assurance and testing teams must be sleek and quick in their operations to support continuous software development and modernization.

Testing of Voice Applications

Software testing takes on a new level of complexity with voice applications. It entails the use of speech devices and computers in conjunction with software.

Testers will need to test such systems with real people to evaluate inputs related to languages, dialects, voice expressions, pitch differences, background noises, and other factors.

Testing speech commands necessitates very sophisticated processes and techniques, which will become more common as voice-command features become more popular. It will lead to open-source test automation frameworks evolving to include voice command testing.

The Future of Software Quality Assurance and Testing

The road ahead will require the QAs/testers to be even more stealthy and agile. They need to learn new skills to test IoT and AI applications. It goes beyond just automated testing. QA teams need to set up specific infrastructure to test the multi-device applications of the future holistically.

The teams need to create mock devices to test the software in the staging, testing, and production environments. They can’t deploy a code without ensuring it runs smoothly and performs as expected once the IoT device is connected.

Similarly, QA teams need to work with developers in Machine Learning applications. The teams need to simulate dozens of interactions with ML apps to examine the outcomes. It will also help trigger better focused learning of the system.


New technologies are evolving and applications demand more complex system integration these days. Therefore, the QA and software testing teams must become more comfortable with codes and software testing automation.

It’s too early to affirm how the future of software QA testing would look. However, if we have to list some key areas where we would see a revolution, it will include user testing, automation, data analytics, and more holistic testing environments.
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