How to Choose the Best Offshore Software Development Company for your Project?

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Your mind immediately fills with many questions when you realize you need a digital solution for your business needs. How can custom or bespoke software help you achieve your project? What are the benefits of choosing an offshore firm for custom software development? And, what should be your criteria to choose the right offshore software development company?

It’s critical to have a capable team of software developers with the necessary skills and expertise in creating software solutions similar to the one you seek for your business.

The success of your application will depend on the following factors of your software development agency:

  1. Their dexterities with the required software technologies.
  2. Their overall and business vertical-specific experience and their reviews.
  3. The processes and software development lifecycle methodologies they follow.

In this article, we’ll see how to find the best offshore custom software development services for your business needs — in a little more detail.

But first, let us define custom or bespoke software development and why you should look offshore for an agency.

What is Custom Software Development?

Tailored (customized) digital solutions that the software development teams build for you to fulfill unique business needs are called custom software.

Some examples of custom software applications:

  • An in-house web-based application that helps all stakeholders collaborate and share business-related information in an interactive environment with features according to your unique requirements.
  • A consumer-focused mobile app where users can purchase items online, chat with customer support, stay up-to-date on the newest deals, and track their reward points. The catalogs and filters incorporated are as per the size and type of your retail business.

Custom Software vs. Off-the-shelf Software

Off-the-shelf software solutions are applications that the tech companies create according to the mass market. Such apps could have some features that you don’t need and could even lack features that should be there according to your business requirements.

Custom software solutions are cost-efficient. You will not spend time and money on features you do not require. A software development company designs and tailors such software as per your business processes and scale.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development Team

Many successful startups, such as Slack and Basecamp, began by outsourcing their IT and software development work to India and other international locations. The hot spots of outsourcing, like the Philippines and India, have highly skilled developers but at a much lower cost than in the United States.

If you decide to go with one of the most expensive services in India, you would still find they are relatively cheaper than most of the development teams in high-income countries. However, look at the culture, experience, and portfolio before hiring a company. With proper planning, offshoring can lead to legitimate and cost-efficient software product development for you.

What to See in a Software Development Company Before Hiring Them for Your Project?

It’s very imperative to choose the right custom software development agency because you may end up working with them for months or even years. Apart from building the software, you may even hire them for long-term software support and maintenance.

Following are the factors you should look at when you’re selecting an offshore software development company:

1. Experience (Case Studies)

When you visit a tech company’s website, look at the projects they have done. The case studies section is crucial since it shows in which technologies the bespoke software development firm has experience and skills.

2. Technology Stack

Every software company has certain technologies in which they have expertise. They have human resources skilled in specific programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and other tools. They use these technology stacks to create tailored digital solutions. Match their list of technologies with your project requirement to see if they are the right company for you.

3. Cost-efficient, But Not Cheap

When you have clearly defined objectives, you can ensure that you’re spending money only on those features which will add value to your software and fulfill your business objectives. That’s the only authentic way of saving money on software development costs.

However, straight away choosing the cheapest option among the potential tech partners, you may end up wasting time and money on a subpar solution.

4. Clientele

The list of clients will tell you whether or not reputable businesses have put their confidence in this software development company. A strong clientele shows that the company is experienced, trustworthy, and efficient. Also, see if they have worked with other international clients closer to your time zone.

5. Work Culture

Check the kind of posts and engagement a company has on social media. Usually, they will have an account on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

You may gain a better sense of the corporate culture by reading through the company’s social media pages. Particularly when you’re outsourcing your project to an offshore software development company, you need to ensure that they have a solid work culture and ethics.

Why Choose Advantal Technologies As Your Offshore Software Development Partners?

For the past 12 years, Advantal Technologies has focused on IT and communication solutions and software product development. We have a diverse portfolio of high-end projects, including highly secure software solutions for the defense sector, highly scalable mobile and web apps for government entities and large corporations, and user-centric consumer applications for startups.

We have a flexible working culture that allows us to readily adapt to your work schedule regardless of your geographic location. Initiate an email conversation with us to discuss your requirements in depth. Write to us at, and we’ll get back to you in 1–2 working days.

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